Future Technologies The Next Generation Will Need To Learn

I will start off by saying that despite the fact that I do not like the term, I fall under the generation known as millennials. If you are a millennial, one of the things that is part of your childhood that did not exist in previous generations is a computer literacy that our parents did not have. That means that kids these days are so accustomed to computers that user interfaces are simpler to them. Picking up new programs is nothing because it is an extension of what we already know. For older people, new programs are like learning a language over every time. That is why when I work in offices where I am the token millennial, without fail, I also become tech support. When you are young, you are expected to know everything that there is to know about computers. The reality is that you should be expected to know how to use technology. With all of the interfaces becoming ubiquitous in daily life, tech illiteracy is going to become as harmful as regular illiteracy. Computers are right there in front of us, but here are a few other things that might become standard practice in the future.

Organ Printing

The biomedical field is going to be pretty trippy in the future. We are barely getting into 3D printing and are not really at artificial organs, but those two will one day come together and we will need new biomedical engineers to solve the new problems that emerge.

Alternative Energies

We are currently not even scratching the surface when it comes to energy because we have long relied on coal and are only just getting into wind and solar in the grand scheme of things. In the near future, we are going to need a new fuel source and that will change the energy game entirely. This is a multi-billion, if not multi-trillion industry that will see itself completely reshaped or forced to adapt to the future. There is a ton of money at stake and the world’s power may come from those that are in control of the literal power of the world.

Programming Languages

We have always lived in a society where you are paid for the value that you provide. Physical labor is seen as replaceable, so you are not going to get paid much for it, while skilled labor is highly valued and allows you leverage to command a higher salary. In the future, physical labor and skilled labor are going to be replaced by machines and the people we need are not just the ones able to repair those machines, but also people that can speak to them and tell them what to do. This is not as simple as English, but getting into the guts of the code and speaking to the machines on that level. This is not something that I was able to start learning about until college, but that is not going to be the case in the future. There are going to be more and more high schools teaching coding and making sure kids have those skills.