The Impact of Technology in Our Lives

I think that we can all say that for better or worse, technology is a part of our lives not just on a daily basis, but almost every moment. When the power goes out, it can shut down industries to the point that an electrical blackout causing an apocalypse was even the premise of a TV show that lasted for a good while. Although we can still live without technology, I think it is more important to look at how far we have come and what technology is doing for us on a day-to-day basis. The way that we are interacting is different than ever before and that is all because of technology. Here are just a few ways.

Digital Giants

In earlier eras, the richest in the world were those that started big businesses or got into oil. The Walton Family has spent a long time near the top of the richest people for Walmart, but John D. Rockefeller might have been the richest man in history thanks to oil. Energy has always led, but not anymore. Tech is now king, with Zuckerberg, Gates, Ellison, Bezos, Page and Brin, Ballmer, Bloomberg, and Cuban all making their money in tech. Tech is the new king.

Social Media

There are obviously people that are worried about the frequency of use and other social consequences, but the reality is that social media is shaping culture and action in daily life. There are now people pulling out their phones to record or take pictures for their friends to see or sometimes for nobody to care about. All we are seeking is the approval, acceptance, and acknowledgement of our peers and social media facilitates it simply. We are also able to connect, both with people you might have lost touch with otherwise or by just seeing a peak into each other’s lives. Even those that do not use social media tend to have a stance on social media. Even if they do not use it, they are still affected by the gravity.

Side Hustles

People who really wanted to grind to make money used to have to really work for it by going door to door and other in person tactics to make a sale, but you can do all of that from home now. There are more people telecommuting to work and starting their own businesses than ever before thanks to technology. Some people start blogs where they post their rantings for the world to read. Some people record podcasts where they get to speak their rantings for the world to hear. We also have new worlds of part-time work through app businesses. If you want to drive people around, Uber, Life, and others exist. If you want to deliver food, you can work for Uber Eats, GrubHub, or Postmates. If you want to do odd jobs, Task Rabbit and other services exist. There is something out there for you to do because you have the ability to reach people in need like never before. Anyone can open up an online store and start selling things from anywhere in the world.