Free Classroom Apps for Teachers to Utilize

Teachers are known as being very busy. Most jobs do not come with homework, but teaching is one where your work does not end when you leave the classroom. Instead, you are forced to grade all of the assignments that you have sent out to the kids, which can take forever if it is not something done simply with a grading rubric. That does not even get into the lesson plans that teachers have to develop. At the end of the day, teachers can come away drained by all of the work that they have had to do. This can mean that they neglect other things in their lives, like spouses or their personal things. That is not fair, but you can change that as a teacher by utilizing some of the free digital resources that allow you to simplify class work. Here are a few examples of classroom apps that you can use for free.


A lot of students get bored in class, but you can spice things up by turning tests into games and gauging their skills in a way that feels much lower pressure than a stuffy test. On Kahoot, the users sign in on their device and use a game pin on the site to get into the quiz. By the end, you have all of the data about results right in front of you.


Note taking is something that I feel is very personal. You might try to use other people’s strategies for taking notes, but the best way is normally to come up with the organizational style that suits you best and that only comes from practice and getting used to your preferences. Once you figure something out for yourself, it can be hard to break out of your habits. With Evernote, you might have to change a lot of your organizational style, but you can take advantage of a wealth of features. Simplest of which might be ease of access because Evernote allows you to sync your notes across all of your devices, meaning you are never without your notepad and you can always go back to it. More than that, it is searchable, which takes the cake over physical papers.


One of the things that impresses me most about my niece’s daycare is the digital apps. They record everything once the kids graduate from the baby room to the toddler room and all of that data is poured into an app. That service allows her parents to log in and see what is going on whenever they want. The same way that works to connect parents with their children’s teachers and make sure that they are staying involved in their child’s education, Seesaw allows parents to view the student’s work at the time and place of convenience. A teacher would use the app by telling students that is where to post assignments. Depending on your settings, this triggers a notification to the parents, who can view that work at any time. Seesaw allows you to upload most types of files, from text to video to audio. When you keep everyone invested, it can make a real difference.