Educational Games and Activies Prepare Students For The Future

It is a known fact that the more fun a child has while learning, the more likely they are to remember what they were taught. Science was a subject that I struggled with all throughout my time in school. I hated having to read and found it to be quite boring when I was alone. I had one teacher who made science fun by turning it into a game that we played in class. We would all read aloud in class, which I hated. But after each chapter we would split up in teams and play a trivia style game about what we had just read. It allowed us to compete but most important we were remembering what we were reading and studying. It made the book far more enjoyable and my grade was the highest that it has ever been in any science class. I am no Einstein, but because of this teacher’s methods I was able to do well on the science portion of my college entrance exam and even aced my science required classes in college. In this article we are going to look at how games help students retain information.

When Learning is Fun We All Win

For some reason, there is a negative connotation attached to school. It feels like if you ask any child about school they instantly talk about how bored or uninterested they are in their classes. Because their teachers are teaching at them and not with them. By incorporating games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Monopoly or even computer games children’s interests are going to peak. When teachers have incentives and fun games for their class to participate in the power of knowledge reaches an all time high. Learning can be fun, it just takes the right type of teacher.

Computer Games Are A Must

Computers are here to stay and STEM is the wave of the future. You cannot hold a job in the modern world without the ability to use a computer or understand technology in some way. Because of this fact, more teachers are implementing computer games into the course curriculum than ever before. These games might not be as fun as Fortnight or Madden, but they maintain the attention of students while also giving them valuable skills. There are several free services available that can make learning an experience that children look forward to each and everyday. Also, I would love to see a teacher implement Fortnight into their lesson plan some day. Anything is possible.

A Leap of Faith Is Good

The traditional methods of learning are fine and dandy, but sometimes you have to shake it up. Things that worked twenty years ago might not be applicable to this day. Using games is an evergreen approach to teaching that will stand the test of time. But as an educator you have to make sure the games and activities apply to this day and age while also giving the children the knowledge that they need. You do not want to play a game that focuses on cursive or the abacus because these are two antiquated aspects of education. However, if you can show how cursive relates to coding or the abacus relates to the modern calculator then you might be on to something. Take a leap of faith as an eduactor and try something new, if it does not work go back to the drawing board. But never, ever be boring and complacent.