Best Careers For the Future to Focus on Today

There is a jobs problem in America that is a major point of discussion in politics. There are many positions that are going to go obsolete thanks to technology and there are a lot of people scared that they will lose their jobs and not have the transferable skills to find something new. The reason that people bandy about an idea of universal basic income is that we might not have enough jobs for everyone in the future. Jobs started as a way to delegate the responsibilities of a community so that we could all work together to survive, but that may not be the case in the future. That said, people pursue careers not just for money, but for a purpose. Here are some of the careers of the future that you might be passionate about.

Creative Pursuits

If we reach a point where universal basic income is a reality, culture and recreation will become even more important than ever. Those that entertain us are already commanding a pretty penny, but the content bubble that we expect will burst might just keep growing. When you are allowed to focus more on what inspires you and not paying the bills, we might find all of the creative souls that were lost to the void of day jobs.


Science and engineering are fields that are only going to get stronger as we continue becoming a highly technological society. We are going to need to change the game in terms of energy and that will bring with it a new need for engineers that know the principles of energy to help us find new sources and new ways to utilize it. We will always have a need for people that can work with machines, whether that means maintaining them, designing them, or full on fabrication. We should be inspiring kids to pursue STEM fields because they will be there for a long time.

Genetics and Gene Sequencing

Over the last decade, the advancements in genetic testing are to the point that gene sequencing is not just reserved for the uber rich. A few years ago, Angelina Jolie wrote a brave article chronicling her decision to get a preemptive double mastectomy. Long story short, her mother had breast cancer, so she got genetic testing to find out if she was at risk. They found out that the risk was high and she had the tissue removed to make sure that she did not develop cancer. She was criticized at the time because, although it was brave and a great message about medical science, it felt like something that only she could have afforded. Not every woman can pay for that testing and insurance will not always cover it. We are advancing to the point where it will be the first thing done, not the last resort. When you look at the genetics, we might find secrets to cure diseases or prevent them from ever popping up. In the future, the field of genetics will only grow larger than what it is now.