about us

The tech world has been booming for the last couple of decades and we are hoping to continue the growth. With our help, you can create the next great tech company and change the world.

our history

Magema 2000

Back In 2014, Magema 2000 began just as a series of blogs meant to focus on the tech start-up space. We were posting content daily and began making a name for ourselves to the point that entrepreneurs were reaching out directly to us to tell us about what they wanted to read about and what life is like in the world of tech. We started to use our platform as a way to help new entrepreneurs as well and that is how we started expanding, launching features such as:

Shared Workspaces Product Beta Testing Community Partnerships and Co-Promotion CEO Advisors

We are still expanding our offerings and trying to reach more and more young people as they push forward into the future with us. We have been helping companies get off the ground by removing the hassles of office space and maintenance and replacing them with time for you to make your dreams a reality.


our mission

When you look at some of the great companies of the last 20 year, Facebook, Snapchat, Uber, you will see that there were not many barriers to entry, but the companies grew to be some of the most important in the world. We are looking to help make sure that the only barrier between you and your successful business is coming up with the idea and your willingness to see it through to the end.


our vision

We are looking to aggressively pursue entrepreneurs to join our fold because we believe in the power of community. It sounds a bit like some feel good nonsense that you could write off, but the reality is that many of the businesses working with us benefit in the early game from the shared resources of our communities. They grow up and go out on their own, but we are the momma bear that is always there to fall back on.


our value

We try to make sure that our only values that we expect from our entrepreneurs is a mutual sense of respect and responsibility. There are a lot of religious values that we could put on ourselves, but we feel that the best way to get ahead in this business is to just treat each other well and support each other.